Friday, January 9, 2009

Pumpkins and Halloween

Hana did her very own pumpkin!

Becky and Conrad

Landon posing for a picture....

We had the flu the week before Halloween. So on Halloween day, Landon and I were still feeling sick. At the very last minute we decided to take the kids to Grandma Glauser's and do some trick or treating. Landon tried to be excited but he just didn't feel good. Never the less, the kids did good and knocked on a few doors. Here are the little Fireman and UPS driver girl. :)

Grandma Glauser and Kailyn

Landon turns 3

Landon turns 3 (in OCTOBER), and some random photos

So my little man turned 3 in October. Holy cow, i have a 3 year old!

we played duck duck goose......

had a pinata...

opened lots of presents.....

mostly swords............

Grandma Glauser made Landon this really cute Pluto cake, he thought it was the coolest thing.

Kailyn wanted to be involved in all the action at Landon's party. We had a cake walk for the kids and she loves to dance so here she is dancing.

I sure love this boy. He's grown so much since his birthday. He likes to golf, play with friends, and drive his cars around. He loves wrestling with his dad, pretend fly like an airplane, help mom cook in the kitchen and he loves to GIGGLE. He's always saying something funny and laughing afterward.

Aaron and Sabrina. My little brother and his wife! We love these two. They are living with us right now and it's been so fun to have them here. Brad and I also love the fun energy they bring. They fill our home with a lot of laughter!

I had to post this picture. So Brad dressed Kailyn in some shorts that were way too small, check out her thighs! Her thighs are my favorite part of her, they look like they are just hanging out of her shorts! (well they actually were)

I love these two kids. They are such good friends and play so cute together. They sometimes just go hang out on the bottom of the staircase. In this case they are just havin a snack!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Here Comes Trouble

was the saying on Kailyn's shirt she wore on Saturday!

The morning she dropped my cell phone into a glass of water. After quickly taking it apart and shaking out the water, drying it with a hair dryer, and allowing it to dry all night, the phone Brad got me for my birthday is a GONER! (This is usually where you'll start to see tears.) My cute little palm centro lives no more. AHHHHHHH. I am without a cell phone. Something i never leave home without. I do not have a replacement yet so to all you who have tried calling, i cannot call you back because - A. the obvious and B. i don't have your number. So, while i'm glad it's my phone that is dead, not my curious daughter who loves anything water i am unavailable unless i by chance know your number. I don't even know my parents number to give to anyone to call.

Monday, August 11, 2008

So much to say

and definitely not enought time to share it all on the computer! I get side tracked pretty easily lately, not to mention i'm playing the single mom role while here in Seattle, so it's hard for me to sit down and acutally focus on posting a blog! :) No excuses, right? Ok! Here are some pictures of the fun things that we have been up to here in good old Redmond.

We went to a fun park in Everett with a free petting zoo.

Landon was a little shy with the animals.

Kailyn couldn't get out of my arms fast enough to touch them.

Lots of days at the park close to my mom and dad's.

"WEE, like that" is how Landon describes slides.

I prefer Kailyn in the swing, much easier to contain. :)

Happy Birthday to Allie celebrated at a Mariner's game.

Very excited about his fries. :)

Watching the blue Angels from Lake Washington. Thank you to Lori for inviting us over for an incredible view.

Thank you to Allie (and everyone really) for helping me keep this little girl from walking right into the water.

He was so tired from the Mariners game the night before. He patiently waited for the planes to fly by.

Fun at Edmonds Beach

And BEST OF ALL, lots of great times with Carly and Cami, Allie and Johnny, and Grandma and Papa.

Cami and Carly. Carly, you are beautiful.
Hangin with Papa.
Chasin eachother in circles.
And huggin afterwards....

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Fun in Seattle...

I am here with the kids in Seattle visiting my parents for a while. Not sure how long, maybe until they get tired of us and kick us out. Brad flew out this last Thursday and surprised all of us. It's so GOOD to have him here. I miss him like crazy and the kids miss him too. Landon is always saying "where dad go?.... uh, oh i know, he's in St. Georges.". It's so cute. We've only been away from Brad for 2 weeks but it seemed like a lifetime.

Despite desperately missing my husband, we are enjoying ourselves here. It's been so great to spend time during the day with my sisters. I LOVE seeing Carly as a new mom to her gorgeous little girl Cameron, Cami for short. It's also fun to watch Allie change during pregnancy. She's 5 1/2 months and has such a tiny little bump. She's grown tons in the 2 weeks i've been here so i'm excited to see her grow even more. And it's been AWESOME to hang out with mom. She is such a fun mom and a GREAT friend. It's nice to develop our relationship in person instead over the phone. :) Here a couple of pictures that i have on the computer. More to come of the kids a the park, and the petting zoo.

Brad sent these flowers for me, and the bear for Kailyn and balloon for Landon a week after a week us being here. It was so sweet of him.

I've been into baking cakes from scratch lately. This one has been the best so far. Chocolate with buttercream frosting.

The day after we got here, Grandpa and Grandma took Landon to the toy store and this is what they came back with. Landon was all over it until Grandpa brought out the trucks and tractors so he lets Kailyn play with his "motorcycle" now.

The girls, oh wait, minus me!!!! I was the gopher that day.

Carly's Cameron. She's still so tiny.

Landon doing what he loves best. Lining up all the trucks.

Kailyn waiving.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Yesterday Kailyn turned 1. I can't believe how fast she has grown. She's talking, walking, dancing, laughing, playing with Landon and sharing her opionion with her amazingly powerful vocal cords!!!! We celebrated her birthday on Saturday with some fun friends and family.

I made some fun cupcakes. Some of them are ladybugs.

Landon helped blow out the candle

And she liked the cupcake.....

I sure love my little girl. Happy Birthday Kailyn.